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 Synergy Rulezzz

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PostSubject: Synergy Rulezzz   Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:23 pm

Wazzzaaaa mates , i juz wanna thank domi 4 put me in da clan ( WE R DA BEST) ... greatful 4 be a part of this huge n lovely family. Im in Angola right now, here i got a 752kbs connec (sh*$y internet) and´s the most powerful on this sh*%y hole dem u guys call Angola.
I really want 2 meet u guys (in person), so im going to sweden in 2011, i juz dont now when(u guys have 2 help me, i dont like the winter and all cold stations).
I only know u guys by ventrilo, mw2 or bc2 ( spirren u rock dude , u da man) but it feels like we r friends 4 a long long time. LUV u guys

by the way...domi u r 2 gay Very Happy Razz
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Synergy Rulezzz
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