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 In focus right now - tactical overview

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PostSubject: In focus right now - tactical overview   Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:00 pm

Here are some things we are going to be practicing and spend most time with.

Basically the main idea of a clanwar is to have a strong teamplay, and to have a strong teamplay we need to be organised. The most important part of organised teamplay is to "have eachothers backs", By that I mean that each individual player is given a task, a position to hold. Each player in the team will be given this task of their own making a sort of "Linked network" inbetween all the five players. So if one player decides to move forward, he must notify his team members because he is then leaving his spot and therefore he put others in danger.

Once the player decided to leave and has notified the team, the team must move with him / Or be ready for people to come from the path he was defending.

There will always be an aggressive player that is allowed to move around and kind of break the pattern in the organised teamplay, this player must be good at communicating to give his team intel of where the enemies might be.

This kind of organised teamplay is most known as Aggressive teamplay, Which is the kind of teamplay we prefer in Synergy and it works well for us.

Another way of doing it is to point out a few guardpositions on the map, and have people sit and wait for others to come. This is done in the Aggressive teamplay aswell, just not on the same level. A defensive teamplay however is good when defending a bombsight or a dropped bomb.

Thats a quick summary of what i will be talking about and how i will focus our gameplay. Twisted Evil
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In focus right now - tactical overview
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